The Fine Colour of Rust - Paddy O'Reilly
Loretta, the story’s heroine and narrator, is brilliantly conveyed in her humour, failings and courage. Her small town home is portrayed with an awareness of its shortcomings and yet, celebrates a sense of community.

I’m not sure how to phrase my response to this novel — reviewing is a tough gig!

The thing is, the theme of The Fine Colour of Rust seems to me to be desperation -- you know, the rust breaking through. But if I say that, you’ll think the book is depressing, and it’s not. The book is funny and (I know this word is overused) heartwarming.

I enjoyed the book’s style. I could smell the dust, feel the heat, hear my neighbours in the characters’ conversation — though I confess I’m a suburbanite, not a country dweller: most Australians are

The Fine Colour of Rust felt like an honest conversation with a friend. A wonderful read!