All Spell Breaks Loose (Raine Benares, #6) - Lisa Shearin
"All Spell Breaks Loose" is a fantasy adventure that reminded me why I like the Raine Benares series so much. It has attitude.

Raine reminds me of a modern heroine from a detective mystery. She has her own agenda, she's not scared to acknowledge her fear and she doesn't take any rubbish. But Raine isn't a modern detective. She's an elf in a well-created fantasy world surrounded by series characters who are truly appealing (even the villains are villainously perfect).

The stakes are high and the action almost relentless. Fast-paced, dramatic and funny, with solid relationships between characters, "All Spell Breaks Loose" is a great adventure.

I recommend reading the series first, though. I'm not sure how much sense this book would make without knowing the background.