Archangel of Mercy - Christina Ashcroft
Do not read this book in summer! It is way too hot *grin*

Okay, to be serious, this is a book that has some really intriguing ideas on angels and old mythologies. It's paranormal with an SF edge that was cool.

Aurora is a fantastic heroine. She's strong and determined, but what I enjoyed was her motivation. She cares about her family. That was a nice change from the heroines who stand alone -- not that I don't like those, too, but still the connection to family worked well in contrast to Gabriel.

Gabriel *sigh* We only learn about him and his world by degrees. And as I mentioned earlier, the world is fascinating. To keep our attention on him and not the world he inhabits, he has to be a powerful, conflicted character--and he is.

The ending surprised and delighted me. A true celebration of the power of love.