Fast Forward - Juliet Madison
"Fast Forward" is not only the title of the book, it's also a really intriguing concept that Juliet Madison develops through the story. It's original (to me, at any rate!) and believable (in its way). Best of all, the characters in "Fast Forward" are honest, recognisable, and their relationships -- I loved the genuine emotion of the relationships, their conversation and the tangled mess we can make of relating to those most important to us.

There is a clarity to "Fast Forward" that gives depth to the rom com fun. Compassion, wisdom -- we're on Kelli's emotional journey with her.

This is a wonderful book. Reviewing is a tough gig and I was thinking of cliches: heart warming, life affirming. Nope. What "Fast Forward" does is celebrate life. Live your dreams--and read "Fast Forward" :)