Under the Hood - Juanita Kees
First up, I loved the setting. The Perth hills are a place I grew up visiting. My Gran lived there and so did other family. Tall trees, gravel that hurts when you skin your knees on it (I was a clumsy kid!) and a sense of freedom. Juanita Kees captures the setting perfectly.

I don't know so much about cars, but I found the workshop scenes believable -- and I loved Sheila (in joke! read the book and you'll understand).

The issues addressed in "Under the Hood" are serious ones, intense, and handled well.

But most of all the story is a romance, and it delivers. Scott isn't a perfect hero, but he's genuine; a man who grows through the story and through his relationship with TJ. TJ (the heroine) is a strong character. I enjoyed how Scott called her "Tiger". Nice endearment :)