Dark Child: Episode 2 - Adina West
*happy sigh* Episode 1 of Dark Child was really busy setting up the world (which it did well), introducing characters and generally setting the stage. As a reader I was pretty focussed on understanding what was going on and thinking about what might possibly happen.

Reading Episode 2 was a different experience. The action was more focussed and that meant I could concentrate on the writing -- very enjoyable. Loved the descriptions -- and get caught up in the drama. I got so caught up in the drama that the end of Episode 2 came as a shock!

I was lucky enough to receive review copies of Episodes 2 and 3 from the publisher. This was a surprise and super-nice. So I feel a bit ungrateful to repeat my lament from my review of Episode 1: I think Dark Child should have been released as one book and not as a series. I know it has a lot of forward momentum and hooks and can work as a series, but I'm such a stick-in-the-mud. I find I like my books as books!

All of that said, Dark Child is proving to be a strong paranormal romance -- and I love it.