Now Comes the Night - P.G. Forte
I could have sworn I'd reviewed the earlier Children of the Night books. So much so that I had a first line ready for this review. Hmm. My memory must be faulty. That or the vampires meddled!

First up, I'm not a fan of vampires. No how, no way. But, P G Forte's vampires are different. Children of the Night is a series about a family. It's not a traditional family, but it's a loving one. The situation is fraught, the relationships are tangled, but what's not in doubt is the passion.

"Now Comes the Night" is as intense and sexy as the cover. *swoon* It's also yet another example of how well P G Forte handles time shifts.

Books that move in time -- back, forward, circle around -- can be confusing, maddening and ultimately, DNFs for me. "Now Comes the Night" shifts in time, but it works and (this was going to be the topic of my opening line) it works because the emotional journey is strong and clear. Handled this well, moving in time is a lot more interesting, more intense, than simply dropping in characters' backstory.

The world building for this series, especially the "rules" of vampire-being, is excellent.

"Now Comes the Night" is a vampire family soap opera -- have fun!