Getting Real - Ainslie Paton
I'm so far from being a rock chick it's not funny, but I loved how real the world of concert touring felt in "Getting Real".

Discussing the heroine is difficult without giving away spoilers. For me, I felt her vulnerability from the start. That let me go on the journey through the tough times with her.

Jake, the hero, on the other hand just jumps in and grabs the reader's approval from the beginning. How can you not like such a great guy?

As in "Grease Monkey Jive", the side characters are also living breathing people. There's a secondary romance that is sweet and believable, and kind of highlights how far Rielle and Jake's relationship still has to travel ... but don't worry, there is a happy ending!

Also if you're an Aussie, or you know Australia, you'll enjoy the different tour stops :)