Banquet of Lies - Michelle Diener
I think I said it when I was talking about Michelle Diener's [b:The Emperor's Conspiracy|13537542|The Emperor's Conspiracy|Michelle Diener||19099622]. She is a modern Georgette Heyer. "Banquet of Lies" just confirms it. Yes, there is more social consciousness than Heyer overtly showed, but that just makes things more interesting. And "Banquet of Lies" is plenty interesting. Enthralling.

The plot is tight, fast and yet the characters and setting are fully developed. The dialogue rings true. The food -- oh yum. Don't read this book if you're hungry. I had to stop and go make some dessert. There goes the diet!

Giselle is a wonderful heroine. Modern in her sensibilities, but not preposterous in her historical situation. I believed her actions. And Lord Aldridge just gets better and better through the book, which I adore in a hero.

I loved "Banquet of Lies". It was a perfect Sunday afternoon read. Thanks, Michelle, for the story and for a pre-release copy. So glad I also had you sign it. The book's going on my keeper shelves :)