The Road Not Taken and Other Poems: (Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition) - Robert Frost, David Orr, David Orr

I went into 2016 trying really hard not to commit myself to too much reviewing. The idea being that then it becomes a stress rather than a joy. And also, I'm wondering, does reading a book knowing I'll review it change how I read it?


Anyways. For 2016 I only have one review commitment: to read "The Road Not Taken and Other Poems", and for this I'm giving myself ALL YEAR to read the slim volume.


It's wonderful! I'm still stuck on the first poem, "Into My Own". I can read it, leave it, think about it, go back to it. I'm in no hurry to turn the page. I think this might be how poetry is meant to be read.


The last two lines of "Into My Own" are haunting:


They would not find me changed from him they knew --

Only more sure of all I thought I knew.


It took me a while to read through the Introduction. However, I didn't know much about Robert Frost and his work, so the Introduction was worth wading through. Now, the book feels like pure indulgence. So much time, so few words!