The Bogan Delusion - David Nichols

"The Bogan Delusion" by David Nichols was an impulse borrow from the library. It references a lot of Australian pop culture familiar to someone my aching-bones age.


I'm not sure if anyone outside of Australia has heard the term "bogan". Even the book can't give a clear definition -- which is kind of the author's point.


Think of a working class label used with disdain by middle-class/intellectual critics, but at the same time, worn with pride! Confused? 


The style of "The Bogan Delusion" reads a lot like a blog post.


I'm enjoying it. I grew up in a neighbourhood happily bogan (although the term wasn't around then) and it's an interesting puzzle to read the book and try to define just why I'd call my neighbourhood (the people of whom I loved and we chat on Facebook and miss the old days, the neighbourhood having been levelled for industrial development) bogan.