This year I've struggled to read as many books as I'd like. There's been a lot of re-reading of old favourites, which are simply easier to relax with when I'm tired. But through it all, I've continued to read The Guardian Weekly every weekend. This collation of articles from the week gives me the illusion I'm staying in touch with world events (and new book, movie, theatre, etc releases). I could read the articles free online, but I like that they've been chosen to go together and that in a small way I support journalism. I also like the sheer physicality of newspapers.


It's weird, since I'm such a fan of ebooks, that I love actual newspapers, but I do! There's something satisfying in turning the page, in marking it with fingers buttery from toast, in rattling it with annoyance at something printed inside.


This weekend I also treated myself to a copy of the Australian Financial Review - it's always interesting to check how the right-leaning people running the country are thinking - no wonder I never have to read horror novels :) 


Happy weekend!