I have been so busy I couldn't string together a coherent review, so I'm going to try and do a small batch in a tick. First, my excuses...


"Sky Garden", my unpublished romantic suspense novel, has finished its 30 day Kindle Scout campaign and I'm waiting to hear if the Kindle Scout editors will say yes or no. If no, I will self-publish it! Decision made. If you're curious about the author experience of running a Kindle Scout campaign, I wrote it up on my blog. The campaign was exhausting (and the waiting is, too) for the low-level stress I had to push through to get other things done.


Second excuse: "Djinn Justice" is a paranormal romance novel I've been promising for a while. Publication slipped from November, and I was determined to have it out in December come hell or high water. So I added stress to my life and set up a pre-order date of December 9 on Amazon. The rule for that is that the final, perfect copy must be submitted 10 days earlier - and being a panicker, I wanted it in earlier than that. Proofing is finished and the final version is locked in. At the same time as finalising the manuscript, I was also organising promotion around its release -- and damn, that is getting harder all the time. I missed the window for booking a release day promo tour, so will have to do something else, next year.


I'm determined that 2016 will be more organised. I'm currently plotting a sequel to "Djinn Justice", aiming to release "Dragon Knight" at the end of February. Then it's back to romantic suspense with a manuscript with the working title, "I Stole An Island", for the end of May. I'm aiming to keep to a tight writing schedule that will allow me to read a bit wider, and review, because I won't be floundering in chaos and stress. Well, that's the hope!



PS "Djinn Justice" will be free on Amazon for its first weekend, Dec 11-13.