Enticing Benedict Cole - Eliza Redgold

It has been a long week/fortnight. Two more weeks to go before my Kindle Scout campaign for Sky Garden finishes. Can we all say "emotional exhaustion" together? Yeah, this path-to-publication is not for the faint-hearted, and there are no guarantees. I've been blogging a bit about my experience of Kindle Scout on my blog. Do I regret it? No! My crit partner had something important to say to me this week, a question I'm going to remember for those times when I doubt the choices I've made -- "how else could you have learned?" My crit partner, Eliza Redgold, is very wise. [She also has a new book out, Enticing Benedict Cole. I knew Ben when he was a baby, so to speak.]


I've woken up tired this Saturday morning. No idea why. It was an early Friday night after some mindless TV. Does anyone else watch Escape to the Country? Yeah, wild times on a Friday night!


My computer just downloaded a file from a discussion board without asking permission. Cue panic (if I weren't so tired). So the Virus protection is running as I type this. Here's hoping everything's okay.


Am I rambling?


I'm catching up with some writer friends for coffee later this morning. I have to get into the city and be awake ... thank goodness we're meeting over coffee.


I'm in shock that it's already November. This is like last-chance time to plan for 2016. Already??? *wails* I'd like to put together a solid writing and publishing schedule for next year. I'm thinking of a new paranormal romance series (I have such a cool idea - one from folklore that I haven't seen anyone attempt...sshhh secret). That would be three inter-connected books. Ambitious. I'd also like to write an unconnected book ... oh, and find time to have a life.


I think there's a reason I'm tired *wry smile*


Okay, enough of me rambling on!


Sweep in Peace will be out this week and I plan to enjoy the heck out of reading it. I love Ilona Andrews' books.


Have a great weekend! I need to think about getting some words down before dashing off to catch the train.