The Last Necromancer - C.J. Archer

I finished "The Last Necromancer" by CJ Archer and picked up the sequel. It's Regency with a noir, paranormal twist, even if it's set in the late Victorian era. 


It was the characters that hooked me. The hero, Lincoln (not a fan of the name, btw) is mysteriously awful, with redeeming characteristics. 


A bit of the Stockholm Syndrome in the heroine's response, but Charlotte is a vivid character and the book works well, written from her perspective. The plot perhaps wobbles a bit towards the end.




Related note: I've noticed that a lot of books, especially those self-published, are placing near-cliched characters and banter at their heart, with the plot secondary. When I'm in the mood that appeals to me, but I've read a few like that lately that I simply don't bother to review. They're like sitcoms...I can almost hear the canned laughter soundtrack.