Inconsolable (Love Triumphs Book 2) - Ainslie Paton

I approached "Inconsolable" with a degree of caution. I like Ainslie Paton's books. They're powerful, with characters struggling to resolve who they are and what they're doing in life. The issue I potentially had with "Inconsolable" was that with a homeless hero she might romanticise the issue of homelessness.


Homelessness is a complicated issue, one with a lot of heartbreak wrapping around it. "Inconsolable" had a lot of tension between exploring the causes and consequences of homelessness, and reconciling it with the demands of the romance genre. The hero has to be, for lack of a better word, heroic.


In the end, as attractive as the hero, Drum, is, it is the strength of the heroine, Foley, that makes the book work. Because as a reader I could empathise with her struggles with Drum's homelessness (and other non-Drum issues), I found the relationship believable.


If you're looking for a diferent kind of romance, "Inconsolable" is a good choice. Don't blame me if you get hooked on Ainslie's books!