Black Sea - Neal Ascherson

I am cautiously returning to the real world after sending THE BOOK to my critique partner for red penning. After so long obsessed with it, picking up other projects is like a little holiday. But I think it'll have been worth it. Finally, a full length novel that I'm happy with: strong characters, solid plot and credible emotional crises.


Yesterday (Sunday) I celebrated by attending (having actually organised) the local romance readers' lunch. We tried out Jamie Oliver's Perth restaurant and the food was delicious. Desserts were decadent and perfect. The only downside was the noise -- ahem, we may have contributed to that, though.


Then I wound up the afternoon by descending (it's in a basement) to a gorgeous bookshop and buying the first book that caught my eye. "The Black Sea" won. I don't actually have the edition pictured. I have the new one with a bright, snazzy cover. I read a few pages last night and I'm hooked. 


Popping into the specialist bookshop reminded me how good a well-curated book store can be. Temptation was everywhere!


So, I'm back. I have a review of Jayne Castle's new book, "Siren's Call", to do, but I think that'll have to wait. I have a few other things to catch up on first. Woohoo! Freedom :)