Them Bones - Carolyn Haines

A few years ago I devoured cosy mysteries: Donna Andrews, Jill Churchill, Margaret Maron, and on and on. So when Murder By Death mentioned a cosy series she was loving, I looked into it. I picked up "Them Bones", the first in the series, and dived in. Being incredibly busy at the moment, I was hoping for a nice break from reality. 


On the plus side, "Them Bones" delivered on transporting me to the Mississippi delta (how do you stop typing Mississippi? it just begs to go on endlessly, like banana). I was there in the South and in a small country town. Brilliant on setting, which is what I like in a cosy mystery.


The mystery itself took a while to settle in and then, well, I guessed the plot. That meant instead of suspense, I plodded through having my hunches confirmed. But if I'd been charmed, that wouldn't have mattered.


This is not a negative review, but I'm heading towards the big problem I had with the book -- and I think this may be related to the fact that I was so busy and looking to enjoy some simply, happy downtime.


"Them Bones" has humour and a southern feel, but it also struck me as melancholic. And melancholy I did not need. For others (and maybe for me at a different time) that sense of mourning and tangled history might resonate. But it was a heavy load for the plot to carry.


Three stars for a solid read.