I'm an author. I'm currently midway through writing a book that is stretching my brain, so I'm a bit random and vague in the real world at the moment. However, I did notice that there's intro's happening and I don't want to be left out -- for the moment when I finish the book and can be a person worth knowing, again :)


I'm Australian. I'm an avid reader (seriously missing reading new books. I'm mostly re-reading as I write this book. The brain is fried). I'm owned by a golden retriever -- how else to explain me getting up at midnight to let him out last night?


I read a lot of romance (which is what I write), but I love science fiction, fantasy, mysteries and steampunk, too. For non-fiction, history and neuroscience fascinate me.


I hate the snow. Love the beach -- but for walking along, not surfing or anything energetic. I buy recipe books, but then mostly cook by guess and by hope; usually not too disastrously (we won't speak about last week's pumpkin damper rolls).


And now I have to vanish back into my book. See you at the end of July :)