I mentioned a few days ago that I'd picked up "Think and Grow Rich" after a friend got talking about it. I now understand why she was muttering about "Master Minds". 


The book was interesting. Interesting is a good word because I'm ambivalent about the book.


Part of me (a sociology degree taught by Marxist lecturers 20 years ago) was horrified about the deification of Capital and wealthy white men.


Another part of me didn't appreciate the sometimes funny formatting and typos (picky, picky) and the old-fashioned style. Some of the hopes and dreams -- like the future of radio -- sadly never eventuated.


However, "Think and Grow Rich" still managed to motivate me. It reinforced two things I already knew:


1. Desire and definite purpose are vital, and my behaviour ought to align with them.

2. Stop the endless mental debates I indulge in over a minor decisions; things like, where to buy a cup of coffee don't end until I've bought the coffee.


So, an interesting book that I won't re-read, but am not sorry for spending time with.