Trust No One - Jayne Ann Krentz

So, yesterday, I had a big pity-party that I couldn't find any good books and what should I do, and I decided to change genres and read something completely different. Thank you to everyone who recommended that strategy.


The problem was...I still couldn't find anything that hooked me on Amazon. And some of the two star reviews of the books I did click on scared me -- I like strong plots, clear writing, character development. Yeah, just call me picky ;)


I ended up biting the bullet and spending $10 on an ebook. It was an ouchie moment, but Jayne Ann Krentz has a new book out and she's one of my favourite easy-read romance authors, and I needed something... (this is me justifying things to my credit card ;) ).


And "Trust No One" was totally worth it! 


A solid romance with a touch of suspense and two likeable but not perfect lead characters. It was like watching a classic movie on a Sunday afternoon.


With Jayne Ann Krentz, if you read enough of her books, themes repeat themselves. But I don't mind that. 


I like that her heroes are honourable men with their own code that they live by. Her heroines are the same. The men are tough, but kind. The women compassionate, but strong. 


And really, in a romance novel, who can resist an ex-marine millionaire? :)