I thoroughly enjoyed Shelly Laurenston's latest release, "The Unleashing", but since then, no book has caught my attention. As is my wont, I've been blaming myself -- too busy, too poor (over $10 for an ebook and I wince) -- but I find time to re-read favourites and could always visit the library. So what is it really? I'm wondering if I need a break from romances, but still stay fairly light by reading cosy mysteries? Or do I need to dip into some literary fiction?


Decisions, decisions.


"The Guardian Weekly" is my regular weekend read, so I'm hoping it'll have a review for a book that makes me sit up and take notice. Otherwise, re-reading has its own joys.


*Although, on a side note, I have noticed a number of reviewers sharing that their latest read was a DNF, so maybe it's not just me?