Touched To The Heart - Elsa Winckler

It's Friday! Rejoice for the sea breeze is in! With perfect timing, the weather has changed from hot and bleugh to an actual sea breeze. Oh happy days! (ahem, sorry, my singing is terrible). 


So I have plans for the weekend. 


I have a folding camp chair that rocks -- literally a curved leg thing rocking chair, but for camping. I have it set up under the patio and intend to spend some quality time (at least ten minutes!) sitting in the breeze doing nothing but rock and watch the honeyeaters flit around in the neighbour's flowering tree. Heaven. 


I also have book plans. I have a writer friend's romance, "Touched to the Heart", lined up. I've seldom read books set in South Africa, so that's exciting. And I have Trisha Ashley's latest, "Creature Comforts", on my kindle. I'm in the mood for some light, cheerful reading. 


And of course, there's my weekend ritual of The Guardian Weekly. A nice, quiet, restorative weekend. Lovely.