Ran From Him - Jenny Schwartz

So, my new contemporary romance "Ran From Him" came out yesterday! Whew! A lot of work goes into getting a book out and building some buzz about it. Even when not actively working on it, I fear part of my brain continues to obsess. Hopefully, now I'll get to concentrate on some reading and reviewing ... don't hold your breath though! I have an insane writing schedule and more than half of it is secret (in case my ambition outstrips my capability and the plan falls apart).


I'm hoping for a burst of autumn energy soon -- I love the inbetween seasons -- but tomorrow is forecast to be 41 degrees C. That's nearly 106f. Brain melting territory.


I'd like to read more of the Dresden Files. I'm up to book five now, but I want to enjoy it and not just squash it into my week, so I'm not going to rush.


I'd also like to read some nonfiction. I have an old copy of "Thieves' Kitchen" by Donald Low sitting on my shelf. It's about the non-glamorous underbelly of the Regency world and sounds fascinating.