The Darkling Lord - Shona Husk

I've only recently started reading Jim Butcher's "Dresden Files" and the opening of "The Darkling Lord" had the same noir vibe. Noir and fantasy - great combination.


I enjoy Shona Husk's books. She has an interesting ability to introduce an anti-hero and make me believe in his value -- in how he accepts his own flaws, but acts to make the world a better place -- not that he's schmaltzy about it!


Henry is a bit of an anti-hero, but more heroic than anything. I liked him. I liked his complicated world (oh Detroit!) and how he navigated the real and ethical minefields.


Darah was a very believable fairy; human, but not quite. Her emotional journey was enthralling. Betrayal leaves scars.


A fairytale for grown ups.



Disclaimer: I received a review copy from the author (who knows I love her anti-heroes! check out "Dark Vow") in exchange for an honest review.