Oberon Boxed Set #3: Happily Ever After in Oberon - P.G. Forte

I'd been saving "Happily Ever After in Oberon" for the weekend after discovering that once I start living in ... um, I mean reading Oberon books, I can't stop. This third collection of full length novels was even more gripping. I was so scared for Cara.


This is a difficult review to write because things get really tough. There's a trigger warning here for rape and abuse. If I hadn't trusted PG Forte and her Oberon series, I couldn't have read on. But I did and I was right to. As awful as life gets, as desperate and well, I won't go on about it. The situation was intense, the characters suffered -- but they also fought to survive, and by survive I mean more than endure. On the far side of abuse can be self-destruction, but here, the characters find their own strength, and love.


As always, characters from previous novels are present and I absolutely love watching their evolving relationships. Marsha and Sam are so wonderful together :) But then, so are so many of the others.


I want Chenoa to have her romance - where's her warrior???


I love the Oberon series, and the hope and love (not just romantic, but between friends and family and towards animals) that underpins it. That is the real magic of Oberon.