Second Chance Island (Novella) - Jenny Schwartz

My Great Barrier Reef short romance, "Second Chance Island", is out tomorrow (that is, Feb 8). Release days never get old. They're a thrill. 


I'm planning a quiet weekend at home, which is a seriously good idea since tomorrow is meant to be 40 degrees C. Ideal for air con and a good book -- and I have PG Forte's latest Oberon boxed set (snapped up at release steal price of 99c) lined up. I've been waiting on this (and only nagging a little) for a couple of months.


I think there may also be a nap at some point since my dog woke me at 3am, courtesy of some idiots letting off fireworks nearby. Yeah. Fireworks during a total fireban and seriously out of control fires down south. As I said, idiots.


Do you have any books saved up for weekend reading?