Fool Moon - Jim Butcher

I've almost finished "Fool Moon" and it's been a thrill ride. I've got "Grave Peril" all lined up to go -- a strategic library run yesterday :)


I also picked up "The Curious Gardener's Almanac" and am looking forward to a gentle ramble through it. I hope it's as charming as the cover promises.


A friend's sent me her novel for my amateur critique. Editing is such an amazing skill. I tend to read for the emotional impact -- I can say when something feels wrong, but not always why. Still, critting may have to wait till later in the week when I'm less tired.


I'm yawning as I write this, Saturday morning. It's been a long week. 


My new release short story, "Kiss Me, Quick" went up on Amazon this week (and it's free till the end of Jan 24, American time). So many hopes accompany any new release -- and so much work. But it does seem as if I got the keywords right and people are finding it.


Keywords and Amazon's algorithms are my current obsession -- if I start talking about them, throw something at me :)


I guess I should grab another coffee and get writing so I can call it a day earlier this afternoon and have some downtime with "Grave Peril".


Whatever your plans are for the weekend, I hope you enjoy them!