I caught up with a writer friend for coffee yesterday morning. Three and a half hours later ...


Some people are just fascinating to talk with. Discussing the publishing industry with someone who understands it is really energising.


But chatting with someone who can open your eyes to your own delusions -- which are getting in the way of your opportunities -- that is exhausting!


I came home yesterday and collapsed onto the sofa. Brain was still spinning when I went to sleep and I'd wake up periodically thinking about things.


Now it's Wednesday morning and time to strategise.


While I do that, here's one of the teasers I've put together for "Kiss Me, Quick", my new release.


kiss me quick teaser


KISS ME, QUICK is a Cowboy for Valentine's Day short story. Brand new release and *free* Jan 22-24  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00SF98CEE/ For fans of first kisses & sparkling romance -- and cowboys, obviously!