Oberon Boxed Set #2 (Books 4-6) Return to Oberon - PG Forte

Ever since I discovered the fictional town of Oberon, California and its amazing mix of romance, laughter, magic and women's fiction, I've been hooked.


PG Forte is a friend, but I'm like, couldn't you have told me to read your books sooner???


This series is the best soap opera you can imagine.


Yes, I sniffled reading it. Also smiled. Also sighed to finish. Fortunately, there are more Oberon books :)


Read this series - start with the first boxed set http://www.amazon.com/Oberon-Boxed-Set-Books-Welcome-ebook/dp/B00N5AOKSA/ 


I'm so glad I saved this boxed set for Christmas reading. It was perfect emotional drama.