A book release a week before Christmas was not ideal. Life this time of year is stressful enough without adding to it! Important lesson learned.


[Why are important lessons so hard in the learning?]


I'm on Tsu  https://www.tsu.co/JennySchwartz


I was reading this article on the Kindle App being updated and I need a double-check. I think it says Amazon is using Goodreads data to shape their book recommendations. When was this announced?


I'm a bit random this morning - but it is the day before Christmas Eve and I have a ton of writing to do. I'm still working on training the dog to bring me coffee :)


So I guess the title of the post shouldn't have been a gentle "on reflection" but more an "in chaos!!!"


I'm also trying to work out how to read more books in 2015 and to read wider. 2014 was so chaotic that I just narrowed into comfort rereads (lots of those) and ones where I knew the happy ending was guaranteed. Maybe one disconcerting book per month?


Anyways, the best way to deal with chaos is to clear some of it away with hard work. I'd best stop rambling and get working!