Compile:Quest - Ronel van Tonder

I know Christmas is near (if I've been blind & deaf to the shops' over-the-top activities) by The Guardian Weekly which this week is heaps bigger (yay!) but has to last for two weeks instead of one (boo). I thoroughly enjoy its reviews of new books, especially the non-fiction ones, just wish I had more time to read the books as well as the reviews! It's like getting a lick of ice-cream instead of the whole cone.


This morning started really early - not by my choice! A cuckoo shrike brought its fledgling to the backyard to catch insects for it, and as it shrieked to be fed "more, mooooorrre, MORE!" it hopped onto my narrow bedroom window ledge. Very cute, but very loud! Alarm clocks? Who needs them? :) 


I have edits to do, today, so I guess I should stop rambling and get working. Maybe another coffee first...



"Compile:Quest" is on my Christmas reading list as a debut book by an author I met here at BookLikes.