Welcome to Hell (Mel Goes to Hell, #1) - Demelza Carlton

I wanted to take a break on Sunday and at least read a fun short story. "Mel Goes to Hell" had the first short story in the series free and I thought I'd start with that.


So much for plans. The dog woke me before 5am and I couldn't get back to sleep. The busy morning then included a Facebook Christmas book-themed party. I don't know about you, but even hosting half an hour of that wore me out. I get so stressed trying to keep up with all the comments - and then, afterwards, messaging people about the books they'd requested.


Long story, short, I ended up napping instead of reading in the afternoon. Then a bit of therapeutic sitting outside, watching the birds flit about, followed by NCIS New Orleans (I think I should move to New Orleans ;) ) and more sleep.


Followed by a 5:30am start. I'm aiming to get some editing done on a short story before a Writers' Chat & Chocolate session at 10:30am.


I think I might spend Christmas sleeping :)  I can tell you one thing, there won't be any Midnight Mass for this little duckie.


Did you get any reading done over the weekend?