Thanks to Canva I've been playing with graphics a fair bit lately -- I'll show you the cover for my January release, "The Icarus Plot", soon. Steampunk moodiness with not a dirigible in sight!


book promotion graphics


The strange side-effect is how conscious I am now of the effect of graphics when I watch TV, browse book covers or generally come across products trying to sell themselves to me. It's fascinating how marketing ranges from subtle to hit you with a sledgehammer.


One of the recent graphical trends is to go retro. Now, as I imitate fine wine and mature, I've been enjoying these blasts from the past that I remember from the first time around. Imagine my horror, then, to read that what I considered innocent retro respect for my era, is actually a marketing strategy that utilises nostalgia to get us in the mood to impulse buy. This entire article on nostalgia -- and its power to heal -- is worth reading.


I guess I've wandered a bit from the topic. But thinking about the visual element of our social media experience leads to so many issues. Did you know that on Facebook an ad can only have twenty percent text in its image? So the pic above would be rejected. That's partly why so many ads are trying to find visually compelling "message" images. And apparently (can't remember the reference) we respond strongly to photos of people doing something. I guess, as consumers, we want to buy part of the action.