I had a headache that kept me off the computer all day, yesterday! Ack!


I did manage to crawl out and get my hair cut -- so I could suffer stylishly, I guess. I had hoped that the time away from the house would help. But no.


And now I have that fragile post-headache feel when you're waiting for it to return. So, I'm not exactly top speed. More like a tortoise could beat me.


Which is a shame because I just read the BookLikes notice that we can now add "book releases" to an events calendar and I so want to leap in and add "Demon Hunter". But not today, petal. Learning anything new requires a clear mind.


Plus the pavers are still working here (yes, paving and headache, a match made in hell), and that noise does break my concentration.


"Demon Hunter" has a chaotic page on my website as I struggle to put together an app for it -- I have photos of one of my favourite places on earth (Fremantle) and I need to do the audio, but preferably on a day when I don't sound like a zombie. "Need brainzzzz" Oh I do - I need mine to work! LOL


paranormal romance novella book app


What else? Oh yes! I had hoped to edit "The Icarus Plot" and set up its page. Ha. I'll do that when I can enjoy sharing some of the killer lines in it. A fab and fun gothic feel to this steampunk adventure.


Currently re-reading Ilona Andrew's latest, "Burn For Me", which has already become a comfort read.


In the next few days, as my brain starts working again, I'll make copies "Demon Hunter" available for review - epub, pdf or mobi - although the actual novella will only be listed on Amazon (it's so it can go into the Kindle Unlimited lending library thing). So if you or someone you know reads paranormal romance, please stay tuned :)