I'm not cancelling Christmas, but after an overwhelmingly busy year (hasn't it been a stressful one?) I'm definitely aiming for a quiet Christmas. 


On the book front I'll be starting Advent by giving away my contemporary romance Xmas story free from Nov 30 to Dec 4 - Guarding Christmas. I'm also going to be part of the AusRomToday Christmas Extravaganza. This has a ton of prizes, so watch out for it!



On the life front, I have Walkers Christmas cake and mince pies stashed away, and think that's a good start. There's a plastic Christmas tree somewhere that has to be found and put up, and I have a little nativity set from Bethlehem via Oxfam that also goes out every year. So I'm not going to be Scrooge :)


Have you started your Christmas preparations? If you already have your tree up I have one word for you -- overachiever! ;)