Jazz Baby - Téa Cooper

Tea was promising me this book for ages and I was delighted when it finally came out. Jazz Age romances are like modern regencies, to me. They both have that post-war feel -- whether post Peninsular campaign (Regencies) or post-WWI. But "Jazz Baby" is darker and edgier than a Regency romance.


The setting is Sydney in the underworld. The shadow of the war has forever altered lives. But new lives are being built. People are discovering the capacity for hope. The time and place are beautifully conveyed and Dolly is a strong and credible heroine. Jack is a fascinating hero with survivor guilt and coping with the compromises he's made to get along in life.


The thread of romance sustains the story and reminds us that hope and love do triumph. 


*Disclaimer: Tea Cooper is a fellow member of Romance Writers of Australia, and published with Escape Publishing (like me). We chat about books and writing on Facebook, and you're welcome to join us :)