Indulge: Sensual Tales of Steampunk and Fantasy - Jenny Schwartz

I've released two collections of novellas and short stories on Amazon (sorry non-Amazon readers -- exclusivity there is the only way for me to try out their new lending library, Kindle Unlimited).


The first is Indulge. Sensual Tales of Steampunk and Fantasy. Do NOT rush out to buy it -- I have a free promo starting on November 5 and finishing on November 9. Picking it up then would give you a great free read and me a much needed bounce in Amazon's algorithms.


Also out is Dare. Sensual Tales of Fantasy and Suspense


Dragons and ghouls, angels and djinn, impossible heroes and the women who cause them all kinds of trouble. This is a collection to delight, tantalise and entertain; a wonderful mix of novellas and short stories with guaranteed happy ever afters.

Dare includes:

Denying the Dragon
Journey to the Shassa
Embracing the Ghoul
The Lion-hearted
Can You Arrest an Alien?
Up In Flames
Release the Djinni


And finally, I released a fun short story on its own. Midnight Kiss is a Regency romance and it too will have a free promo run -- from Nov 2 for three days.


The ghost of an Elizabethan courtier helps a Regency couple find true love.

By day, Emily Hazel is a prim and practical lady. At night, she is a ghost hunter. Armed with her sketchpad and pencils, she invades Rowdon Castle, determined to capture its legendary ghost. But Emily has forgotten her fairytales: The forfeit for trespass is a kiss.

A romantic short story for believers in happy-ever-after.


So you can blame these three -- among a ton of other reasons -- for my poverty of reviews this month. I really have been busy.


Happy weekend!