The Attending Physician - R.B. Dominic

I love RB Dominic/Emma Lathen's mysteries. Is anyone writing this sort of almost cosy but socially and politically sharp mysteries any more? I was re-reading "The Attending Physician" last night and loving it.


Romance chairs, literally, at Smart Bitches.


Have you ever wondered how book covers are created? Maria Zannini, who is smart, funny and clever, lets you peek backstage.


I am so tired, which is ironic, since I woke just after 5am and got up at 5:30. 7am now, and must start work! I have edits, and my shoulders are already tight with anticipation at the concentration required.


Is it October 28 yet? I'm hosting an hour on the Romance Divas three day Oktoberfest at 9pm New York time. Plus that is the day Ilona Andrews' "Burn For Me" releases ... not that I'm crossing days off on the calendar -- I'm not! 




I'm continuing my flower fortunes every Monday. Everlastings this week.