Why would you?


Then again I don't go around criticising anyone in public -- the Prime Minister of Australia totally doesn't count!


I have no idea how some people can behave as they do. Maybe time-out or naughty corners are needed for so-called adults.


In better news, I had the yummiest raspberry cheesecake at the romance readers lunch yesterday. Also got to roll eyes at a badly photo-shopped cover -- not that my clumsy grahic design skills let me criticise anyone! But bouffant hair on a hero? *giggles*


So busy this morning! Anyone who tells you authors sit around in a daze, daydreaming ... yeah, come say that a bit closer so I can set you to cleaning the house while I finally get some more editing done.


And then there's all the books screaming to be written!


Hope you had a great weekend and that Monday brings you lots of coffee :)


*wanders off in search of more coffee*