emotional resilience


Just linking to my Wednesday post on my website where I have a bit of an outloud think about emotional resilience and the books we read. There's a good link about emotional resilience buried in the post.


Also, I need to take some photos. I finally have the essential herbs in the garden at the new house. I planted oregano, thyme and sacred basil yesterday. There's joy in being able to pick fresh some of the ingredients of summer salads. Sacred basil and parsley in potato salad is awesome!


It's been quite a week. Taxes and haircut on Tuesday! Ugh. I hate doing either. For years I wore my hair in a long plait and cut it myself. Not as hard as it sounds.


But now I'm free! So I'm diving back into edits for my two paranormal romance collections out in November. This project is so exciting!


paranormal romance short stories

Angels and djinn, steampunk pilots and lady inventors, shifter courtship and romantic suspense with impossible heroes. Two collections to delight, tantalise and entertain; a wonderful mix of novellas and short stories with guaranteed happy ever afters. But that’s the only guarantee. In these collections, anything is possible. Enjoy!


More details soon.