My critique partner has just called me out on writing a special snowflake heroine.


*tosses hair in artful disorder*


Whatever, I drawl in dismissal.



Actually, I'm embarrassed. Special snowflakes are incredibly annoying in real life and do NOT belong in one of my books. 


I'm currently revising a contemporary romance for self-publishing, and to be fair to myself, Cate (the heroine) isn't always a special snowflake, it's just that she does like to claim the "victim" role even when it's not hers -- poor misunderstood darling (totally sarcastic)


Have you noticed special snowflakes proliferating in books lately? The heroines with entitlement issues?


I read a ton of blurbs and more books than I review, so my comment isn't at the books I've reviewed. But I have noticed a tendency for heroines to act out and never be called on it.


Hmm, some reviewers would argue that authors show a tendency to do the same!